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2 days ago

Our 171st episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
With hosts Andrey Kurenkov ( and Jeremie Harris (
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Timestamps + Links:
(00:00:00) Intro / Banter
Tools & Apps(00:03:13) Apple Intelligence: every new AI feature coming to the iPhone and Mac
(00:10:03) ‘We don’t need Sora anymore’: Luma’s new AI video generator Dream Machine slammed with traffic after debut
(00:14:48) Runway unveils new hyper realistic AI video model Gen-3 Alpha, capable of 10-second-long clips
(00:18:21) Leonardo AI image generator adds new video mode — here’s how it works
(00:22:31) Anthropic just dropped Claude 3.5 Sonnet with better vision and a sense of humor
Applications & Business(00:28:23 ) Sam Altman might reportedly turn OpenAI into a regular for-profit company
(00:31:19) Ilya Sutskever, Daniel Gross, Daniel Levy launch Safe Superintelligence Inc.
(00:38:53) OpenAI welcomes Sarah Friar (CFO) and Kevin Weil (CPO)
(00:41:44) Report: OpenAI Doubled Annualized Revenue in 6 Months
(00:44:30) AI startup Adept is in deal talks with Microsoft
(00:48:55) Mistral closes €600m at €5.8bn valuation with new lead investor
(00:53:12) Huawei Claims Ascend 910B AI Chip Manages To Surpass NVIDIA’s A100, A Crucial Alternative For China
(00:56:58) Astrocade raises $12M for AI-based social gaming platform
Projects & Open Source(01:01:03) Announcing the Open Release of Stable Diffusion 3 Medium, Our Most Sophisticated Image Generation Model to Date
(01:05:53) Meta releases flurry of new AI models for audio, text and watermarking
(01:09:39) ElevenLabs unveils open-source creator tool for adding sound effects to videos
Research & Advancements(01:12:02) Samba: Simple Hybrid State Space Models for Efficient Unlimited Context Language Modeling
(01:22:07) Improve Mathematical Reasoning in Language Models by Automated Process Supervision
(01:28:01) Introducing Lamini Memory Tuning: 95% LLM Accuracy, 10x Fewer Hallucinations
(01:30:32) An Empirical Study of Mamba-based Language Models
(01:31:57) BERTs are Generative In-Context Learners
(01:33:33) SELFGOAL: Your Language Agents Already Know How to Achieve High-level Goals
Policy & Safety(01:35:16) Sycophancy to subterfuge: Investigating reward tampering in language models
(01:42:26) Waymo issues software and mapping recall after robotaxi crashes into a telephone pole
(01:45:53) Meta pauses AI models launch in Europe
(01:46:44) Refusal in Language Models Is Mediated by a Single Direction
Sycophancy to subterfuge: Investigating reward tampering in language models
(01:51:38) Huawei exec concerned over China’s inability to obtain 3.5nm chips, bemoans lack of advanced chipmaking tools
Synthetic Media & Art(01:55:07) It Looked Like a Reliable News Site. It Was an A.I. Chop Shop.
(01:57:39) Adobe overhauls terms of service to say it won’t train AI on customers’ work
(01:59:31) Buzzy AI Search Engine Perplexity Is Directly Ripping Off Content From News Outlets
(02:02:23) Outro + AI Song 

Sunday Jun 09, 2024

Our 170th episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
With hosts Andrey Kurenkov ( and Jeremie Harris (
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Timestamps + Links:
Tools & Apps(00:03:33) KLING is the latest AI video generator that could rival OpenAI's Sora
(00:09:16) ‘Apple Intelligence’ will automatically choose between on-device and cloud-powered AI
(00:12:21) Udio introduces new udio-130 music generation model and more advanced features
(00:14:38) Perplexity AI’s new feature will turn your searches into shareable pages
(00:16:35) ElevenLabs’ AI generator makes explosions or other sound effects with just a prompt
(00:18:37) Google’s updated AI-powered NotebookLM expands to India, UK and over 200 other countries
Applications & Business(00:19:40) OpenAI is restarting its robotics research group
(00:25:01) Saudi fund invests in China effort to create rival to OpenAI
(00:29:34) UAE seeks ‘marriage’ with US over artificial intelligence deals
(00:33:01) Zoox to test self-driving cars in Austin and Miami 
(00:35:49) Microsoft Lays Off 1,500 Workers, Blames "AI Wave"
(00:38:28) Avengers, assemble—Google, Intel, Microsoft, AMD and more team up to develop an interconnect standard to rival Nvidia's NVLink
Projects & Open Source(00:40:39) GLM-4-9B-Chat-1M
(00:46:37) Hugging Face and Pollen Robotics show off first project: an open source robot that does chores
(00:49:40) Zyphra debuts Zyda, a 1.3T language modeling dataset it claims outperforms Pile, C4, arxiv
(00:51:59) Stability AI debuts new Stable Audio Open for sound design
Research & Advancements(00:54:05) Scaling and evaluating sparse autoencoders
(01:04:54) Improving Alignment and Robustness with Short Circuiting
(01:12:11) Automatic Data Curation for Self-Supervised Learning: A Clustering-Based Approach
(01:16:20) GPT-4 didn't ace the bar exam after all, MIT research suggests — it didn't even break the 70th percentile
Policy & Safety(01:20:11) Former OpenAI researcher foresees AGI reality in 2027
(01:28:03) OpenAI Insiders Warn of a ‘Reckless’ Race for Dominance
(01:33:52) Testing and mitigating elections-related risks
(01:36:26) Teams of LLM Agents can Exploit Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Synthetic Media & Art(01:43:23) The Uncanny Rise of the World's First AI Beauty Pageant
(01:46:25) Outro + AI Song

Sunday Jun 02, 2024

Our 168th episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
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Timestamps + Links:
(00:00:00) Intro / Banter
(00:02:55) Response to listener comments / corrections
Tools & Apps
(00:04:33) Google’s A.I. Search Errors Cause a Furor Online
(00:10:56) Telegram gets an in-app Copilot bot
(00:13:13) Opera is adding Google's Gemini AI to its browser
(0016:13) Amazon plans to give Alexa an AI overhaul — and a monthly subscription price
(00:19:15) Microsoft Edge will translate and dub YouTube videos as you’re watching them
(00:21:12) Iyo thinks its gen AI earbuds can succeed where Humane and Rabbit stumbled
Applications & Business
(00:24:57) PwC agrees deal to become OpenAI's first reseller and largest enterprise user
(00:30:07) Vox Media and The Atlantic sign content deals with OpenAI
(00:36:27) OpenAI launches programs making ChatGPT cheaper for schools and nonprofits
(00:40:03) Huawei patent reveals 3nm-class process technology plans — China continues to move forward despite US sanctions
(00:44:32) Nvidia, Powered by A.I. Boom, Reports Soaring Revenue and Profits
(00:48:16) Elon Musk’s xAI raises $6 billion in latest funding round
Projects & Open Source
(00:51:13) Scale AI publishes its first LLM Leaderboards, ranking AI model performance in specific domains
(00:56:04) Cohere For AI Launches Aya 23, 8 and 35 Billion Parameter Open Weights Release
(01:00:45) Who will make AlphaFold3 open source? Scientists race to crack AI model
(01:04:07) Mistral releases Codestral, its first generative AI model for code
Research & Advancements
(01:09:23) The Road Less Scheduled
(01:14:10) Training Compute of Frontier AI Models Grows by 4-5x per Year
(01:21:33) gzip Predicts Data-dependent Scaling Laws
(01:25:51) Neural Scaling Laws for Embodied AI
(01:28:47) Contextual Position Encoding: Learning to Count What’s Important
(01:33:09) New AI products much hyped but not much used, study says
Policy & Safety
(01:37:00) Ex-OpenAI board member reveals what led to Sam Altman's brief ousting
(01:46:36) OpenAI researcher who resigned over safety concerns joins Anthropic
(01:49:16) Leaked OpenAI Documents Show Sam Altman Was Clearly Aware of Silencing Former Employees
(01:54:33) OpenAI Board Forms Safety and Security Committee
(01:58:07) Robocaller Who Used AI to Clone Biden’s Voice Fined $6 Million
(01:59:08) Hacker Releases Jailbroken "Godmode" Version of ChatGPT
(02:00:46) China Creates $47.5 Billion Chip Fund to Back Nation’s Firms
Synthetic Media & Art
(02:02:23) Alphabet, Meta Offer Millions to Partner With Hollywood on AI
(02:04:21) Outro + AI Song

Tuesday May 28, 2024

Our 168th episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
With guest host Gavin Purcell from AI for Humans podcast!
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Timestamps + Links:
(00:00:00) Intro / Banter + Response to listener comments / corrections
Tools & Apps
(00:08:00) OpenAI says Sky voice in ChatGPT will be paused after concerns it sounds too much like Scarlett Johansson
(00:16:14) Microsoft’s Copilot assistant is getting a GPT-4o upgrade + Recall is Microsoft’s key to unlocking the future of PCs
(00:21:36) ElevenLabs Launches AI-Voiced Screen Reader App
(00:22:40) Adobe Lightroom gets a magic eraser, and it’s impressive
(00:25:07) Microsoft, Khan Academy provide free AI assistant for all educators in US
(00:27:40) Microsoft Paint is getting an AI-powered image generator that responds to your text prompts and doodles
Applications & Business
(00:29:16) OpenAI founders Sam Altman and Greg Brockman go on the defensive after top safety researchers quit
(00:36:58) OpenAI, WSJ Owner News Corp Strike Content Deal Valued at Over $250 Million
(00:41:27) CoreWeave Raises $7.5 Billion in Debt for AI Computing Push
(00:44:13) Google announced Trillium, its sixth generation of Tensor processors.
(00:45:09) Inflection AI reveals new team and plan to embed emotional AI in business bots
(00:47:01) Data-labeling startup Scale AI raises $1B as valuation doubles to $13.8B
Projects & Open Source
(00:48:35) Abacus AI Releases Smaug-Llama-3-70B-Instruct: The New Benchmark in Open-Source Conversational AI Rivaling GPT-4 Turbo
(00:52:24) Introducing New Chatbot Arena Category: Hard Prompts
(00:54:56) Microsoft brings out a small language model that can look at pictures
Research & Advancements
(00:56:05) New Anthropic Research Sheds Light on AI's 'Black Box'
(01:04:03) Chameleon: Mixed-Modal Early-Fusion Foundation Models
(01:08:14) SpeechVerse: A Large-scale Generalizable Audio Language Model
(01:09:05) CAT3D: Create Anything in 3D with Multi-View Diffusion Models
(01:11:17) Coin3D: Controllable and Interactive 3D Assets Generation with Proxy-Guided Conditioning
(01:12:10) SpeechGuard: Exploring the Adversarial Robustness of Multimodal Large Language Models
Policy & Safety
(01:15:01) World’s first major law for artificial intelligence gets final EU green light
(01:17:18) Colorado governor signs sweeping AI regulation bill
(01:22:10) Senators Propose $32 Billion in Annual A.I. Spending but Defer Regulation
(01:23:25) Google DeepMind launches new framework to assess the dangers of AI models
(01:25:05) Tech giants pledge AI safety commitments — including a ‘kill switch’ if they can’t mitigate risks
Synthetic Media & Art
(01:28:32) Sony Music warns tech companies over ‘unauthorized’ use of its content to train AI
(01:32:34) Hollywood agency CAA aims to help stars manage their own AI likenesses
(01:38:28) What Do You Do When A.I. Takes Your Voice?
(01:42:01) Outro + AI Song

Sunday May 19, 2024

Our 167th episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
With guest host Daliana Liu ( from The Data Scientist Show!
And a special one-time interview with Andrey in the latter part of the podcast.
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Timestamps + links:
Intro / Banter
Tools & Apps
(00:03:42) OpenAI releases GPT-4o, a faster model that’s free for all ChatGPT users
(00:12:06) Project Astra is the future of AI at Google
(00:18:06) Google is redesigning its search engine — and it’s AI all the way down
(00:19:39) Google unveils Veo and Imagen 3, its latest AI media creation models
(00:23:36) Google Unveils Music AI Sandbox Making Loops From Prompts
(00:26:27) Anthropic AI Launches a Prompt Engineering Tool that Generates Production-Ready Prompts in the Anthropic Console
Applications & Business
(00:31:02) OpenAI’s Chief Scientist and Co-Founder Is Leaving the Company
(00:35:15) Mike Krieger joins Anthropic as Chief Product Officer
(00:36:28) $16k G1 humanoid rises up to smash nuts, twist and twirl
(00:41:02) GM's Cruise to start testing robotaxis in Phoenix area with human safety drivers on board
(00:42:52) US agency probes Amazon-owned Zoox self-driving vehicles after two crashes
(00:43:58) Waymo’s robotaxis under investigation after crashes and traffic mishaps
Projects & Open Source
(00:44:48) Introducing PaliGemma, Gemma 2, and an Upgraded Responsible AI Toolkit
(00:46:24) Falcon 2: UAE’s Technology Innovation Institute Releases New AI Model Series, Outperforming Meta’s New Llama 3
(00:48:00) License to Call: Introducing Transformers Agents 2.0
Research & Advancements
(00:49:22) The Platonic Representation Hypothesis
(00:53:08) SUTRA: Scalable Multilingual Language Model Architecture
Policy & Safety
(00:54:46) Bipartisan Senate bill on AI security would bolster voluntary cyber reporting processes
(00:56:17) U.K. agency releases tools to test AI model safety
(00:57:25) Protesters Are Fighting to Stop AI, but They’re Split on How to Do It
Synthetic Media & Art
(00:58:54) Google’s invisible AI watermark will help identify generative text and video
(01:00:50) How One Author Pushed the Limits of AI Copyright
(01:03:27) Stellaris gets an DLC about AI that features AI-created voices, director insists it's 'ethical' and 'we're pretty good at exploring dystopian sci-fi and don't want to end up there ourselves'
(01:04:46) At the AI Film Festival, humanity triumphed over tech
(01:06:37) Daliana Interviews Andrey
(01:42:00) AI Outro Song

Sunday May 12, 2024

Our 166th episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
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Timestamps + links:
(00:00:00) Intro / Banter
Tools & Apps(00:04:23) ElevenLabs previews music-generating AI model
(00:09:31) Mysterious “gpt2-chatbot” AI model appears suddenly, confuses experts
(00:13:00) SoundHound AI and Perplexity Partner to Bring Online LLMs to Next Gen Voice Assistants Across Cars and IoT Devices
(00:14:50) Stability AI sows gen AI discord with Stable Artisan
(00:16:35) Apple Will Revamp Siri to Catch Up to Its Chatbot Competitors
(00:18:54) Alibaba rolls out latest version of its large language model to meet robust AI demand
Applications & Business(00:19:34) OpenAI and Stack Overflow partner to bring more technical knowledge into ChatGPT
(00:17:31) New Microsoft AI model may challenge GPT-4 and Google Gemini
(00:31:08) Wayve, an A.I. Start-Up for Autonomous Driving, Raises $1 Billion
(00:32:00) Motional delays commercial robotaxi plans amid restructuring
(00:33:54) The rise of the Chinese AI unicorns doing battle with OpenAI
Projects & Open Source(00:35:25) Prometheus 2: An Open Source Language Model Specialized in Evaluating Other Language Models
(00:40:12) DeepSeek-V2: A Strong, Economical, and Efficient Mixture-of-Experts Language Model
(00:44:31) OpenVoice V2: Evolving Multilingual Voice Cloning with Enhanced Style Control and Cross-Lingual Capabilities
(00:45:20) Granite Code Models: A Family of Open Foundation Models for Code Intelligence
(00:46:00) Hugging Face launches LeRobot open source robotics code library
(00:48:50) Vibe-Eval: A new open and hard evaluation suite for measuring progress of multimodal language models
Research & Advancements(00:50:02) Google DeepMind’s Groundbreaking AI for Protein Structure Can Now Model DNA
(00:57:20) xLSTM: Extended Long Short-Term Memory
(01:06:35) StoryDiffusion: Consistent Self-Attention for Long-Range Image and Video Generation
(01:07:55) Chain of Thought Empowers Transformers to Solve Inherently Serial Problems
(01:11:48) KAN: Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks
Policy & Safety(01:13:20) US lawmakers unveil bill to make it easier to restrict exports of AI models
(01:17:30) OpenAI’s Model Spec outlines some basic rules for AI
(01:20:18) Robot dogs armed with AI-targeting rifles undergo US Marines Special Ops evaluation
(01:25:15) OpenAI Releases ‘Deepfake’ Detector to Disinformation Researchers
Synthetic Media & Art(01:28:15) Audible’s Test of AI-Voiced Audiobooks Tops 40,000 Titles
(01:32:30) TikTok will automatically label AI-generated content created on platforms like DALL·E 3
(01:33:23) Katy Perry's Fan-Made AI Image Is So Real It Fooled the World Into Thinking She Was at the Met Gala
(01:35:32) South Korean woman falls for deepfake Elon Musk, loses $50K in romance scam 
(01:37:18) Why young Russian women appear so eager to marry Chinese men
(01:40:18) AI Outro Song

Sunday May 05, 2024

Our 165th episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
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Timestamps + links:
Tools & Apps(00:01:27) GitHub releases an AI-powered tool aiming for a 'radically new way of building software'
(00:07:05) China unveils Sora challenger able to produce videos from text similar to OpenAI tool, though much shorter
(00:12:23) ChatGPT’s AI ‘memory’ can remember the preferences of paying customers
(00:14:21) Rabbit R1 review: Avoid this AI gadget
(00:18:30) Amazon Q, a generative AI-powered assistant for businesses and developers, is now generally available
(00:19:54) Yelp’s Assistant AI bot will do all the talking to help users find service providers
Applications & Business(00:21:31) Video of super-fast, super-smooth humanoid robot will drop your jaw
(00:25:22) Tesla’s 2 million car Autopilot recall is now under federal scrutiny
(00:29:32) Tesla shares soar as Elon Musk returns from China with FSD 'Game Changer'
(00:32:11) OpenAI inks strategic tie-up with UK’s Financial Times, including content use
(00:35:21) OpenAI Startup Fund quietly raises $15M
(00:37:00) Huawei backs HBM memory manufacturing in China to sidestep crippling US sanctions that restrict AI development
Research & Advancements(00:39:20) Capabilities of Gemini Models in Medicine
(00:45:34) Let's Think Dot by Dot: Hidden Computation in Transformer Language Models
(00:52:20) NExT: Teaching Large Language Models to Reason about Code Execution
(00:55:08) SenseNova 5.0: China’s latest AI model surpasses OpenAI’s GPT-4
(00:57:20) Octopus v4: Graph of language models
(01:00:28) Better & Faster Large Language Models via Multi-token Prediction
Policy & Safety(01:03:15) Refusal in LLMs is mediated by a single direction
(01:09:19) Rishi Sunak promised to make AI safe. Big Tech’s not playing ball.
(01:15:09) DOE Announces New Actions to Enhance America’s Global Leadership in Artificial Intelligence
(01:18:21) The Chips Act is rebuilding US semiconductor manufacturing, so far resulting in $327 billion in announced projects
(01:20:50) Analysis-Second global AI safety summit faces tough questions, lower turnout
(01:24:03) Sam Altman, Jensen Huang, and more join the federal AI safety board
Synthetic Media & Art(01:26:30) Air Head creators say OpenAI's Sora finicky to work with, needs hundreds of prompts, serious VFX work for under 2 minutes of cohesive story ↺
(01:29:50) Eight newspaper publishers sue OpenAI over copyright infringement

Tuesday Apr 30, 2024

Our 164th episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
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Timestamps + links:
Tools & Apps
(00:04:02) Meta, in Its Biggest A.I. Push, Places Smart Assistants Across Its Apps
(00:07:26) Microsoft launches Phi-3, its smallest AI model yet
(00:15:35) The Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses have multimodal AI now
(00:17:32) OpenAI winds down AI image generator that blew minds and forged friendships in 2022
(00:18:44) Baidu claims 200 million users for Ernie chatbot after only 13 months
(00:21:13) The new Adobe Photoshop gets an in-app image generator, major Generative Fill upgrades
Applications & Business
(00:22:22) Intel & The Pentagon Deepen Ties To Develop World’s Most Advanced Chips
(00:27:58) Meta Says It Plans to Spend Billions More on A.I.
(00:31:36) OpenAI CEO Sam Altman invests in solar power firm Exowatt to fuel AI datacenters
(00:33:58) Google consolidates AI-focused DeepMind, Research teams
(00:36:22) Microsoft and OpenAI bet $100 billion to free themselves from the shackles and overreliance on the world's most profitable semiconductor chip brand for AI chips
Projects & Open Source
(00:39:03) Apple releases OpenELM: small, open source AI models designed to run on-device
(00:44:12) Snowflake launches Arctic, an open ‘mixture-of-experts’ LLM to take on DBRX, Llama 3
Research & Advancements
(00:48:08) The Instruction Hierarchy: Training LLMs to Prioritize Privileged Instructions
(00:55:11) Groq’s breakthrough AI chip achieves blistering 800 tokens per second on Meta’s LLaMA 3
(00:59:52) Microsoft shows off VASA-1, an AI framework that makes human headshots talk, sing
(01:01:59) Intel Builds World’s Largest Neuromorphic System to Enable More Sustainable AI
Policy & Safety
(01:05:11) Deepfakes of Bollywood stars spark worries of AI meddling in India election
(01:08:51) LLM Agents can Autonomously Exploit One-day Vulnerabilities
(01:15:27) The Necessity of AI Audit Standards Boards
(01:19:45) A Mechanism-Based Approach to Mitigating Harms from Persuasive Generative AI
(01:26:40) China acquired recently banned Nvidia chips in Super Micro, Dell servers, tenders show
Synthetic Media & Art
(01:29:08) Drake threatened with lawsuit over diss track featuring AI Tupac

Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Our 163rd episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
Note: apology for this one coming out a few days late, got delayed in editing it -Andrey
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Timestamps + links:
Intro / Banter
Tools & Apps
(00:02:16) Meta releases Llama 3, claims it’s among the best open models available
(00:14:01) Elon Musk’s xAI Unveils Grok-1.5 Vision, Beats OpenAI’s GPT-4V
(00:17:55) Reka releases Reka Core, its multimodal language model to rival GPT-4 and Claude 3 Opus
(00:21:50) Cohere Compass Private Beta: A New Multi-Aspect Embedding Model
(00:23:48) Amazon Music’s Maestro lets listeners make AI playlists
(00:24:36) Snap plans to add watermarks to images created with its AI-powered tools
Applications & Business
(00:25:52) Boston Dynamics unveils new Atlas robot for commercial use
(00:30:32) TSMC’s $65 billion bet still leaves US missing piece of chip puzzle
(00:36:30) U.S. blacklists Intel's and Nvidia's key partner in China — three other Chinese firms also included in the blacklist for helping the military
(00:38:37) Elon Musk says the next-generation Grok 3 model will require 100,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs to train
(00:40:22) Dr. Andrew Ng appointed to Amazon’s Board of Directors
(00:41:55) Collaborative Robotics Locks Up $100M, Latest Robot Startup To Raise Big
Projects & Open Source
(00:44:08) OpenEQA: Embodied Question Answering in the Era of Foundation Models
(00:50:03) Introducing Idefics2: A Powerful 8B Vision-Language Model for the community
Research & Advancements
(00:51:21) RHO-1: Not All Tokens Are What You Need
(00:57:21) Scaling Laws for Fine-Grained Mixture of Experts
(01:03:20) Chinchilla Scaling: A replication attempt
(01:07:18) China develops new light-based chiplet that could power artificial general intelligence — where AI is smarter than humans
(01:10:45) OSWorld: Benchmarking Multimodal Agents for Open-Ended Tasks in Real Computer Environments
Policy & Safety
(01:13:44) U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo Announces Expansion of U.S. AI Safety Institute Leadership Team
(01:17:18) NSA Publishes Guidance for Strengthening AI System Security
(01:19:19) Foundational Challenges in Assuring Alignment and Safety of Large Language Models
(01:24:11) Former OpenAI Board Member Calls for Audits of Top AI Companies
(01:27:35) SoA survey reveals a third of translators and quarter of illustrators losing work to AI
Synthetic Media & Art
(01:30:25) Medium bans AI-generated content from its paid Partner Program

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Our 162nd episode with a summary and discussion of last week's big AI news!
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Timestamps + links:
Tools & Apps
(00:02:50) AI-Music Arms Race: Meet Udio, the Other ChatGPT for Music
(00:07:42) Anthropic launches external tool use for Claude AI, enabling stock ticker integrations and more
(00:11:51) Building LLMs for Code Repair
(00:14:16) Early Reviews of Humane AI Pin Aren’t Impressed
(00:16:23) Microsoft 365’s Copilot gets a GPT-4 Turbo upgrade and improved image generation
(00:18:41) AI editing tools are coming to all Google Photos users
Applications & Business
(00:19:21) Google announces the Cloud TPU v5p, its most powerful AI accelerator yet
(00:23:32) Meta unveils its newest custom AI chip as it races to catch up
(00:27:27) Intel Unveils New AI Accelerator in Bid to Challenge Nvidia
(00:30:46) Adobe Is Buying Videos for $3 Per Minute to Build AI Model
(00:32:55) OpenAI transcribed over a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4
(00:36:23) Waymo will launch paid robotaxi service in Los Angeles on Wednesday
(00:37:23) OpenAI removes Sam Altman's ownership of its Startup Fund
Projects & Open Source
(00:39:51) Mistral AI Stuns With Surprise Launch of New Mixtral 8x22B Model
(00:43:54) Google updates its Gemma AI model family with variants for coding and research
(00:47:04) Aurora-M: The First Open Source Multilingual Language Model Red-teamed according to the U.S. Executive Order
Research & Advancements
(00:52:08) Mixture-of-Depths: Dynamically allocating compute in transformer-based language models
(00:57:41) Leave No Context Behind: Efficient Infinite Context Transformers with Infini-attention
(01:03:31) Octopus v2: On-device language model for super agent
(01:07:54) Bigger is not Always Better: Scaling Properties of Latent Diffusion Models
(01:09:54) Many-shot Jailbreaking
Policy & Safety
(01:15:08) Schiff unveils AI training transparency measure
(01:20:25) Linwei Ding was a Google software engineer. He was also a prolific thief of trade secrets, say prosecutors.
(01:26:11) Responsible Reporting for Frontier AI Development
(01:30:08) US govt wants to talk to tech companies about AI electricity demands — eyes nuclear fusion and fission
(01:32:39) Washington state judge blocks use of AI-enhanced video as evidence in possible first-of-its-kind ruling
(01:36:45) Trudeau announces $2.4 billion for AI-related investments
Synthetic Media & Art
(01:39:26) Billie Eilish, Pearl Jam, Nicki Minaj Among 200 Artists Calling for Responsible AI Music Practices
(01:41:52) OpenAI's Sora just made its first music video and it's like a psychedelic trip

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